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Before you buy a carry on bag or backpack, read this. While visiting my son in Sweden I had to leave for a few days to see a friend in Voullerim, near jokk mokk.I bought my son an osprey backpack and borrowed it because it was bigger than me tell you that it was hard to give it back to him when I returned from my side was the best backpack I have ever used.I am now in the process of selling my old one and a few other things to buy another OspreyI wish I had learned of these 50 years decided on the far point trek 55.
Osprey grew from one person's desire to use and make more comfortable, longer lasting and functionally sound packs. Empty backpacks were surprisingly heavy and tugged on my shoulders, causing me pain within minutes of pulling them on. Let's osprey say you are going camping somewhere; at one point you will want to leave the camp, and the daypack will be perfect for that adventure because it allows you to carry only the things that you need, and not everything you brought on the trip.

Glad you didn't have a problem replacing it. Just to add to that experience, I had a Osprey Farpoint 40 (bought in the UK) which survived innumerable trips around the world… but the zip ended up failing due to corrosion, about 18 months after taking an unexpected swim in saltwater in the Galapagos.
If you're looking to buy your first backpack, or hunting down a replacement, I'd wholeheartedly recommend checking out Osprey. Named after an endangered bird species, Osprey Inc, the number one brand choice for backpackers, hikers and bikers was founded in 1974 by a young entrepreneur, Mike Pfotenhauer.
Suspension refers to the total components that affect how you carry the backpack on your back. As for their hiking packs, they make high quality products that don't require you to break the bank. We will continue to offer our best eBags branded products with a new, simplified shopping experience.

The harness is comfortable, it comes in 2 sizes ( s-m and m-l) and it has that all-important laptop pocket. Not all hiking back packs are ‘one size fits all', so you'll need to decide what features you need. Without a doubt, Osprey is a huge player in the hiking back pack game.
While it may not serve as a good month-long trip around Europe because of its size it is perfect for the lady hikers who carry just what they need. I bought a Osprey Farpoint 40 from OBS. The Osprey Farpoint 40 is a backpack suitable for hiking, but it doesn't look like a hiking backpack.

Today, I cannot imagine going out without this unimaginably-comfortable backpack. This backpack has wide and padded shoulder straps, wide hip belt and lightwood frame. A good hip belt is essential for any women's travel backpack. The company has quickly grown to keep up with demand launching a wide range of backpacks made for both men and women travelers.
The Osprey Quasar backpack is one of my all time favorites. And there are compression straps on this backpack that will further help with securing its load. Although most hiking packs these days are adjustable, not all are ideal for a woman's body. The Airel was an old classic when it came to hiking backpacks.

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